EPS Volume Reduction Machine—High MelterRE-E502(X)

A long-time seller chosen by companies from a broad range of industries,
this machine sets the standard for volume reduction machines.

Processing Capacity:50 kg/h

Object to be processed

  • EPS


  • PSP


  • XPS


  • EPP


  • EPE


Recycling Process


Feeding of Raw Materials

Processable raw materials are fed into the hopper. The capacity is 50 kg/h, and the feeding method can be selected to suit the work system.



Styrofoam is crushed into uniformly small pieces to facilitate volume reduction.


Volume Reduction

The finely crushed styrofoam is melted with an electric heater to remove air and reduce the volume to about 1/50 (depends on the raw material's foaming ratio).


Molding & Cutting

The reduced volume Styrofoam is formed into ingots and automatically cut to a specified length before being discharged.

RE-E502(X) Product Video

Why Yamamoto?
We're all about making work
safe and comfortable.

While our machines provide unrivalled performance
and create the highest quality ingots,
our real focus is on workplace safety, comfort, and ease of use.

Easy & Simple

Our machines are designed to be easy for anyone to use. For regular operation, simply touch a button and watch as ingots are automatically formed and cut to the specified size.

Work-Related Stress

Warm-up time is only 10 minutes. There is no need to keep workers waiting when starting work or when resuming work after a break. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to cool the ingot by immersing it in water by air cooling with a cooling blower and water cooling with a molding sink.

Consideration for
the Working Environment

The small heat source makes it difficult for odours to diffuse, and an activated carbon deodoriser is fitted as standard. This promotes a pleasant working environment.

Designed for

Dangerous parts, such as chains and blades, are covered to prevent access. A safety switch prevents the machine from being started when the cover is open.


The Hi-Melter RE-E502 (X) is
a compact machine with a volume reduction capacity of 50 kg per hour.
It is designed for safe and comfortable operation.

RE-E502 (X) Configuration 1 Feeding Hopper 2 Crushing Section 3 Electric Heater 4 Molding Section 5 Cutting Section 6 Deodoriser 7 Control Panel 8 Manual Operation Switch 9 Soundproof Cover (optional accessory)

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Feeding Hopper

The wide hopper is large enough to hold 10–20 fish boxes. The continuous feeding system keeps the work area clean and saves space.



Crushing Section

The crushing blade is our proprietary design and crushes all kinds of styrofoam such as fish boxes, cushioning material, and trays.



Electric Heater

Warm-up operation time is only 10 minutes.
Due to the low temperature of 170°C and rapid volume reduction, ingots are of higher quality and less deterioration of physical properties.



Molding Section

Expanded polystyrene melted from the heater is formed into the specified shape by forming rolls and stamps, air cooling with a blower, and water cooling with a molding sink. A cooling water circulation system is adopted to eliminate the need to worry about drainage.



Cutting Section

The wheel sensor monitors the discharge of ingots, and the cutting blade automatically cuts them to the specified length (adjustable between 470–1,100 mm).




The deodorizing system uses an activated carbon adsorption system to remove odours generated during volume reduction and promote a comfortable working environment.



Control Panel

Precise and meticulous temperature control is possible. In the event of a problem, the operator will be notified by an alarm sound, alert light, and error message displayed on the monitor.



Manual Operation Switch

A maintenance switch is located inside the panel. By switching to manual operation, the individual motors can be operated separately, e.g. during maintenance.



Soundproof Cover (optional accessory)

The soundproof cover significantly reduces the noise level during crushing and prevents noise pollution of the working environment.


Options & Layout Examples

Volume Reduction Machine [RE-E502]

Soundproof Cover [RE-E502 + RE-K500]

The noise level during crushing can be reduced by up to 10 dB (according to our measurements), and the scattering of the foam powder generated can be prevented.

Sorting Table Unit + Conveyor Belt [RE-ST400 + RE-BC400P + RE-E502]

This system can be used to sort and feed materials such as food trays and home appliance cushioning material prone to contamination by foreign matter.

Making Concentrated Ingots [RE-E502 x 2 Units]

The perceived quality, and thus sales value, of the recycled materials can be increased if ingots are made using separate colors and materials. For example, separating white and colored styrofoam to make separate batches of white and colored ingots. Similarly, separating styrofoam and polypropylene foam into separate batches of ingots.
Having two lines also avoids the risk of work stoppages.


RE-E502(X) Specifications

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